Sales & New Releases @ jazzitude

Steals & Deals for this weekend: 99L each, regularly priced 249L

New release: Mesh Christmas Sweater with (non-mesh) sheer undershirt and red & green bangles:

I’ve also broken up the group gift should you not wish to join the group and buy the items:

Bonus Sale @ jazzitude…

It’s here, Small Business Saturday! I hope you are enjoying your day, and if you are shopping today, don’t forget about the small businesses in your community.

At jazzitude today, I have a 25% off Sale going on right now. Everything at the in world store is 25% off!

However, there are 3 outfits… like Easter Eggs… that are even less than 25% off.

See what happened was they were marked down to $99L for a group sale recently and I missed it before marking in the vendor system 25% off… so until tomorrow, they are only $L75! Well, my mistake is your gain! Only thing is… I’m not telling you which ones they are… you have to find them! But trust me, they are good… two of them are relatively new too!

You also will earn credit today towards future purchases. If you wear your jazzitude group tag active, you will get 10% towards a future purchase. Everyone else will get 5%. AND you can use what store credit you already have (or add to it) to make your purchases today.

I hope you all enjoy this opportunity and take some time to think about your own local small businesses in your communities world wide.

Don’t forget about the two items in the Steals and Deals Display/Showcase that are only $L99. One for the guys and one for the ladies and just in time for the Holiday Season of parties!