Polyfarm is proud to annunce his new Skystore.

Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PolyFarm-Skystore/4214459

Object informations:

- 100% Mesh object;

- Textures are High Definition baked in 3D software;

- Extremely realistic and low lag.

- Free space for 40 and more products to rez;

- Easy adjustable on ground and sky with Rez-Faux system;

- 32 x 64 meters. Fits perfectly on lands from 2048 sq.m. or more;

- Only 25 prims (33 prims with A.E.Light System Control). The mesh skybox with less prims on the Marketplace.

Reviewing my products, positively or negatively, is very important for me and for you. It could help me to improve my works and your satisfaction in the future. 

Thank you and enjoy!