Lots and lots to show you guys today, so check it out!

First up we have this gorgeous set of glittery silver toenail appliers and lipstick by Sileny for our VIPs!

Next up is a project I’ve been working on for some time now, and I’m quite proud of it.

My friend and I have collaborated together on this- a limited edition headphones & song pack, headphones by yours truly, and the song is his. When you buy one of these, you get a unique song code to download the song – which will not be sold separately!

This next set is in a gacha- play and try your luck! Each of them comes with a code for 50% off of anything in The Deadly Kind’s store.

And lastly, Sileny and I have made some SLink Avatar Enhancement compatible nail appliers!


Happy spring, everybody! Canada’s weather may have not gotten the memo, but I’m SO TOTALLY READY FOR IT. This month has been CRAZY, and it just keeps coming! I’m so so excited about it all. This month’s Zodiac theme is Aries, for which I have made a set of adorable hold-able sheep. Try your luck!

Next, we have Fifty Linden Friday, for which I’ve made two special editions, both along the theme of Adore&Abhor! Get them before they’re gone! These babies are discontinued after this weekend! 

Adore&Abhor’s 5 year anniversary is still ongoing! If you haven’t been by in a few days, I suggest you come by again, because a couple of things have been added, and trust me when I say YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT

I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your patronnage, and your support over the last five years. It means the world to me that you love what I love.


-Airedine Poe


Today marks the 5th anniversary of Adore&Abhor’s opening. I’m sharing this momentous occasion with a few of my friends who’ve made some awesome and adorable items in honour of this landmark! It’s mid-day and I still can’t shake this feeling. I feel overwhelmed in the best of ways. 5 years! Looking back, I can honestly say that I am proud of everything that I’ve made, no matter how terrible it was, because it was my own.

For all of the other designers’ items, please check out:

For this event, I’ve made some adorable heart-shaped, mesh purses.

I also went a little crazy with the other colours… I couldn’t help myself! Each set comes with both colour options

This event runs from March 16th to April 16th, and you will NOT want to miss any of the goodies. I’ve taken a couple of pictures to show just a few of the amazing items available now in-store from my guest designers.

Look 1:

From Adore&Abhor’s 5 year anniversary:
Hair: Ploom
Shirt: Boom
Bow: Noodles
Choker: Pididdle
Bear: Katat0nik

Skin: Pink Fuel (Alyx, at Skin Fair now!)
Eyes: Ibanez

Look 2:

From Adore&Abhor’s 5 year anniversary:

Hair: Alice Project
Bow: Noodles
Dress: Auxiliary
Cactus: Olive
Eyes: Adore&Abhor
Necklace: Adore&Abhor
Skin: Pink Fuel (At the Skin Fair now!)

Check it out!


Frostbite Liners in 8 colours.

Separate his & hers versions. Giftable – touch vendor for gifting option. All 9 colours in the pack!


This month’s Zodiac theme is “Capricorn”. Inspired by the iconography and the birthstone (My grandmother’s birthstone, garnet, is and always has been my favourite. I’d trade it in for my stupid TOPAZ any day… but I digress!)
The dress is a slinky, shimmery, mermaid cut in naughty and nice styles! The entire thing is 100% original rigged mesh, in standard sizes. (The busts are slightly larger than SS, to give a little extra room for your va-voom!)
DON’T WEAR SHOES WITH THIS! The alpha totally hides your lower half, to create the illusion of trailing on the ground.
I will be making these outfits in different colours when the Zodiac event is over. Tulip/125/185/21


I had a bit of a whoopsie with my subscriber and lost about 600 subscribers. D: ugh. And so, I’m giving out these boots in TEN colours, free to subscribers! If I lost you, I’m so sorry! Come back to meeeeee I love youuuuuuu


I had a bit of a whoopsie with my subscriber and lost about 600 subscribers. D: ugh. And so, I’m giving out these boots in TEN colours, free to subscribers! If I lost you, I’m so sorry! Come back to meeeeee I love youuuuuuu


This comes in 10 colours, 100L$ each from between Dec. 7th – Jan. 4th, then will go up to full price. All of the posture collars are rigged mesh, and come in one size that should fit any standard size. To make sure, try a demo. No refunds for ill-fitting purchases. Gifts can be sent two ways:

1) All collars are trans/no copy. Upon purchase, you can send the package to your friend.

2) Click the item you wish to purchase, and through the menu, select Gift> Direct Gift, then type in your friend’s name.

All of them will be in store at full price after the event.

I have a big sale on- a bunch of items on for 50% off!

Available from the December 2nd box at the KittyCats advent Calendar!

Check it out! Lots of great gifts available from the 1st until Jan 10th.

Check out the SL Destination Guide for more info and SLURL