Somnia gets winded

Hai there you fluffeh munchkins, ♥ I have been dealing with a bit of RL stuff so I wanted to create something fun and happeh and I think this set totally conveys that feeling. .: Somnia :. Kawaii Comfort Ad The set comes with 8 mesh tops in 4 sizes each as well as alpha layer and textures. And is only 200L for the whole set!! Only at Somnia Main Store. ♥ A wonderful friend Airedine is celebrating her 5th year of having her store, Adore & Abhor open! So she wanted to celebrate with some friends! So several of us have gathered with her to celebrate! I have put together two outfit set for only 55L each set!! .: Somnia :. Adore & Abhor Pink Ad .: Somnia :. Adore & Abhor Teal Ad Each set comes with a mesh sweater in 5 sizes and two pairs of leggings, alpha and textures. They can totally be mixed and matched!! Only at Adore & Abhor. ♥ Zodiac is Aries this round, I had such a HARD time thinking of something to suit but it finally just came together when in my research I saw Aries symbolizes spring time. I’ve got to admit I am totally in love with these jeans!! They are only 95L for the duration of Zodiac. .: Somnia :. Pansie Jeans Ad The set comes The jeans in 6 different washes in 5 sizes each with alpha and textures. Only at Zodiac Aries ♥ Free*Style has opened a new store with items from free to 50L and I made these cute dresses that are exclusive to the Free*Style store and only 50L for the entire set. .: Somnia :. Tonal Point Dresses Ad Exclusive to Free*Style Shop Only at Free*Style Shop. ♥ Depraved Nation has a awesome hunt going on right now called Pink Fusion and it is all for the ladies! I have put together thise super cute outfit and the best part is it is only 5L .: Somnia :. Dotty for Pink Ad Pink Fusion Hunt Hint: Don’t let Mc Dreamy scare you he thinks he is a guard kitteh but really all he is after is a little can. For more infomation about the hunt as well as photos of all the great items click here! Only at Somnia Main Store. ♥ And the final news I need to make room for new releases so I am holding a mini retirement sale, where everything is only 10L. I have also put out the wash exclusive items because I totally forgot to send out a notice about them and would hate for you guys to miss out on them!! The sale will run until May 1st. Everything is on the second floor by the windows. .: Somnia :. Retirement Sale Ad Only at Somnia Main Store Second Floor. All my love and thanks ❤ Sanura


Happy spring, everybody! Canada’s weather may have not gotten the memo, but I’m SO TOTALLY READY FOR IT. This month has been CRAZY, and it just keeps coming! I’m so so excited about it all. This month’s Zodiac theme is Aries, for which I have made a set of adorable hold-able sheep. Try your luck!

Next, we have Fifty Linden Friday, for which I’ve made two special editions, both along the theme of Adore&Abhor! Get them before they’re gone! These babies are discontinued after this weekend! 

Adore&Abhor’s 5 year anniversary is still ongoing! If you haven’t been by in a few days, I suggest you come by again, because a couple of things have been added, and trust me when I say YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT

I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your patronnage, and your support over the last five years. It means the world to me that you love what I love.


-Airedine Poe


This month’s Zodiac theme is “Capricorn”. Inspired by the iconography and the birthstone (My grandmother’s birthstone, garnet, is and always has been my favourite. I’d trade it in for my stupid TOPAZ any day… but I digress!)
The dress is a slinky, shimmery, mermaid cut in naughty and nice styles! The entire thing is 100% original rigged mesh, in standard sizes. (The busts are slightly larger than SS, to give a little extra room for your va-voom!)
DON’T WEAR SHOES WITH THIS! The alpha totally hides your lower half, to create the illusion of trailing on the ground.
I will be making these outfits in different colours when the Zodiac event is over. Tulip/125/185/21

Somnia shoots and scores!

Hai there you shiny little gems,

I am excited to be apart of Zodiac again this round for Sagittarius!! I had such a hard time thinking within the theme but finally inspiration smacked me in the face and I totally am loving both sets I did for this round!! They suit those who are a bit of a goody goody and those who are a little on the wild side or maybe whatever mood you might be feeling at that moment!!

.: Somnia :. Straight Arrow Top Ad .: Somnia :. Crooked Arrow Top Ad

Each set comes in 7 sizes in 8 different colors, they are marked down at 50% to only 125L per set for the duration.

It runs from Nov 23rd to Dec 17th and there are some other AMAZING brands included so make sure you run over and check it all out!!

Only @ Somnia @ Zodiac - Sagittarius!

All my love and thanks ❤


Somnia is on fire!

Hai you spectacularly wild dust bunnehs,

I have got some HOT new mesh skirts for The Zodiac Event and they are only 125L per set for the duration! 5 colors per set and 7 sizes per color. Remember to try the demos!!

.: Somnia :. Skirting Combustion {Tames} Ad

.: Somnia :. Skirting Combustion {Wilds} Ad

Only @ Zodiac

Also I wanted to remind you all that today is the LAST day of the SALE so don’t miss out!!! Everything is 50% or MORE off*!!! *excluding newest release & gift cards.

.: Somnia :. Sale

Only @ Somnia Main Store

Remember to pick up the exclusive rainbow version of the Argyluarian Dress for only 10L it goes away on July 31st.

.: Somnia :. Agryluarian Dress Rainbow Ad

All you need to do is find the little cupcake in the store and here is your hint. “Come save Mc Dreamy before the candle under the table sends the whole place up in smoke.”

Only @ Somnia Main Store

All my love and thanks ❤