The Low down News @ blah.BLAH.blah this week….

As the weekend sales ends, heres all the info all thats going on at the blah.BLAH.blah store this week and for the month of March. The TFUH has started, and blah.BLAH.blah is a part of it! Make sure to check the blog for the hints and lms. Items are just 1L and look for a little colored flower.  There is two new releases in the store with the hearts at 199L for a 5 color fat pack and Dancing Queen for 199 for 8 color fat pack top. See the pics below. Starting Monday well have the new March group gift and a new freebie, so stop by and pic them up. Steals and Deals is friday, sat and sunday and the item is Oi Matey for just 60L for a three pack laced top. Get that before the sale is over, cause once sunday comes its gone! The 50L Frenzy is on Tuesday and wed, with the throw me on board sexy dress. Thennnnn on wed hop on  over to the Jersey Shore to grab the GFW for just 99L for th Rockin Hawt Pants !!! See the pics below for all the previews. Phewww!  Again, If your not a member of the blah.BLAH.blah group,  join the group for all the goodies, sales and hunt info!! :) Say Hi while your here and show your love !!  Have a fun weekend  and of course…

I Love your guts



New Releases

March Freebie 

March Group gift

The Fresh Unknown Hunt has started!!  See the blog for all the hints and lms

TFUH Hunt item 

Previous New Releases 199L 

Steals and Deals

50L Frenzy  ( list with participating stores will come out on Monday)

GFW 99L ( list with participating stores will come out on tuesday)