Hai there you stuffed turkeys,

I’ve got loads of deals and freebies for you guys so lets get started shall we?

♥ First up in honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I have 6 items out for you for 60L Weekends! They will be out until Tuesday!

.: Somnia :. Sweet Confection Ad.: Somnia :. Sasy Comfort Ad.: Somnia :. Merion Pants Ad.: Somnia :. Plain Jeans Ad http://somniashop.wordpress.com/2013/05/25/tranquil-somnia/.: Somnia :. Awesome Panda Ad.: Somnia :. Kawaii Comfort Ad Only at Somnia Main Store

Make sure you check out the rest of the shops in 60L weekends here!!

♥ The Somnia inworld group has grown to over 700 members and there have been loads of gifts sent out to celebrate every 100 members! Below are some photos of them by the talented Jordan Whitt!! In the mix are a few sneak peeks of things to come!! The ones shown below should still be all in the past notices. One of them was also sent to the subscriber group to celebrate them hitting 2000 members! New Somnia Group Gift!Somnia Gift 3Somnia Gift 1Somnia Gift 2Somnia Gift 5Somnia Gift 4 Copy and paste this url inworld to join the group! secondlife:///app/group/30cdfb68-d63c-b9be-1a12-77515225b2f5/about

♥ Also with some of the extra colors of items I have created lucky boards. They are set to rotate every 2 minutes!! They are upstairs towards the front of the store. There will be loads more coming as well because I never know how to not “MAKE ALL THE COLORS!” LOL but at least this way you guys get something fun to play for! .: Somnia :. Lustrous Blue Gem.: Somnia :. LustrousAd Purple Gem .: Somnia :. Lustrous Ad Pink Gem.: Somnia :. Moopsie Ad Brown.: Somnia :. Moopsie Ad Peach.: Somnia :. Moopsie Ad  Olive.: Somnia :. Skeletia Ad Olive.: Somnia :. Skeletia Ad Lime.: Somnia :. Skeletia Ad Gray.: Somnia :. Skeletia Ad Wine.: Somnia :. Skeletia Ad Rose Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ Just a reminder for the third round of The Thrift Shop! These are my New Releases for this event and they are on sale for only 95L as well as everything else I have out at the event!! It ends on the 1st so be sure to stop by and don’t forget your free gifty!! .: Somnia :. Skeletia Ad.: Somnia :. Doohios Ad Only at Somnia at The Thrift Shop

All my love and thanks ❤


Somnia is bubbly

Hai there you soft and squishy marshmallows,

♥ I am on a rolls again this week with 3 brand new sets for you guys, so lets get to it! I am so in love with these tops, they are fun and cute yet stylish and only 200L for the whole set!

.: Somnia :. Effervescence Ad

I know it is supposed to be summer but this week has been so chilly here I just had to have a nice warm and comfy sweater and only 200L for the whole set!

.: Somnia :. Sasy Comfort Ad These pants are a cross between casual jeans and dressy pants so they can work with just about anything and only 225L for the whole set! .: Somnia :. Merion Pants Ad

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ Don’t forget about The 100 Block Event a sim full of amazing creators all with at least one brand new release at least 50% off!

.: Somnia :. Moustache Top Ad .: Somnia :. Silken Thatch Pants Ad .: Somnia :. Velveteen Dress Ad Each set is only 95L for the duration of 100 Block!

For more info about The 100 Block click here.

Only at Somnia @ The 100 Block Event

❤ Also as a side note I am currently looking to hire an assistant to help me with Somnia and keeping me organized.  For more information and to apply please click here.

All my love and thanks ❤


Somnia gets winded

Hai there you fluffeh munchkins, ♥ I have been dealing with a bit of RL stuff so I wanted to create something fun and happeh and I think this set totally conveys that feeling. .: Somnia :. Kawaii Comfort Ad The set comes with 8 mesh tops in 4 sizes each as well as alpha layer and textures. And is only 200L for the whole set!! Only at Somnia Main Store. ♥ A wonderful friend Airedine is celebrating her 5th year of having her store, Adore & Abhor open! So she wanted to celebrate with some friends! So several of us have gathered with her to celebrate! I have put together two outfit set for only 55L each set!! .: Somnia :. Adore & Abhor Pink Ad .: Somnia :. Adore & Abhor Teal Ad Each set comes with a mesh sweater in 5 sizes and two pairs of leggings, alpha and textures. They can totally be mixed and matched!! Only at Adore & Abhor. ♥ Zodiac is Aries this round, I had such a HARD time thinking of something to suit but it finally just came together when in my research I saw Aries symbolizes spring time. I’ve got to admit I am totally in love with these jeans!! They are only 95L for the duration of Zodiac. .: Somnia :. Pansie Jeans Ad The set comes The jeans in 6 different washes in 5 sizes each with alpha and textures. Only at Zodiac Aries ♥ Free*Style has opened a new store with items from free to 50L and I made these cute dresses that are exclusive to the Free*Style store and only 50L for the entire set. .: Somnia :. Tonal Point Dresses Ad Exclusive to Free*Style Shop Only at Free*Style Shop. ♥ Depraved Nation has a awesome hunt going on right now called Pink Fusion and it is all for the ladies! I have put together thise super cute outfit and the best part is it is only 5L .: Somnia :. Dotty for Pink Ad Pink Fusion Hunt Hint: Don’t let Mc Dreamy scare you he thinks he is a guard kitteh but really all he is after is a little can. For more infomation about the hunt as well as photos of all the great items click here! Only at Somnia Main Store. ♥ And the final news I need to make room for new releases so I am holding a mini retirement sale, where everything is only 10L. I have also put out the wash exclusive items because I totally forgot to send out a notice about them and would hate for you guys to miss out on them!! The sale will run until May 1st. Everything is on the second floor by the windows. .: Somnia :. Retirement Sale Ad Only at Somnia Main Store Second Floor. All my love and thanks ❤ Sanura

Somnia loves you!

Hai there you precious dust bunnehs,

♥ I am thrilled to be apart of Chic’s With Love hunt I put together these lavish but fun party dresses for all your partying needs! The best part is you can get the FULL SET FOR ONLY 10L I am terrible at hiding things so it should be pretty easy to find but the hint is “Make sure you give Odd Ball a little scritch behind the ears for doing such a wonderful job “guarding” over the hunt prize!”

.: Somnia :. Velvet Shimmer

For more information about the With Love Hunt as well as a list of other brands joining in please check Chic’s Blog or for a round up check Seraphim.

Only at Somnia Main Store.

♥ Zodiac is still running so make sure you hop over and grab these tops before it closes on the 17th .: Somnia :. Straight Arrow Top Ad .: Somnia :. Crooked Arrow Top Ad

Each set comes in 7 sizes in 8 different colors, they are marked down at 50% to only 125L per set for the duration.

Only @ Somnia @ Zodiac - Sagittarius!

All my love and thanks ❤


Somnia gets sleepy

Hai there you adorable goblins,

I was asked to do more colors of the Pinned Courtesan set so I did!! Best part is they are set for only 75L for Lazy Sunday so hurry over and grab them before the price goes back up!

.: Somnia :. Pinned Courtesan White Set Ad .: Somnia :. Pinned Courtesan Black Set Ad

Each set comes with five color options. The shirt comes in 5 sizes and there are 10 bras and 10 pairs of panties so you can mix and match!

Only @ Somnia Main Store

Also the yearly halloween game from Pulse Games is now oen and I’ve got to tell you I had a blast going through it! I’ve put out 5 prizes from Somnia you can find as you are wandering through plus prizes from over 20 other amazing designers!! Visit the blog or just grab your friends and get started HERE!!

Also there was a gift sent out this week to my VIP group if you join you will find it in the notices. It is FREE to join and you can look for Somnia under groups or just copy and paste this into chat and click secondlife:///app/group/30cdfb68-d63c-b9be-1a12-77515225b2f5/about

All my love and thanks ❤


Somnia comes clean

Hai you special little jelly beans,

It is time for the cart sale at the wash again and I am so excited to be apart of it. The sale runs from Aug 15th - Sept 5th and as always EVERYTHING is only 10L. I didn’t have time with RL and stuff to do anything new so I put out 8 items you can normally get in the store although NEVER this cheap!

.: Somnia :. Criss Cross Waders Ad .: Somnia :. Cranioiselle Ad .: Somnia :. Militant Slut Jackets Ad .: Somnia :. Button Flap Jeans Ad .: Somnia :. Porch Gazebo Purple Ad .: Somnia :. Lacey Tanks Ad .: Somnia :. Sexy Sweater Vests Ad .: Somnia :. Argyle Dippin Tops Ad

Only @ Somnia at the Cart Sale

The fire skirts from Zodaic are now in the store at their normal price of 200L per set.

.: Somnia :. Skirting Combustion {Tames} Ad .: Somnia :. Skirting Combustion {Wilds} Ad

Only @ Somnia Main Store

All my love and thanks ❤


Somnia Steals & Deals & Sale

Hai you awesomely adorable lemon drops,

I am pretty exited to be able to help celebrate Seraphim’s first birthday and made a special exclusive version of the new Argyluarian Dress in RAINBOW!!!! Best part is it is only 10L comes in 5 sizes with alpha layer as well as with the alpha textures. The hunt ends on July 31st and then this dress will disappear and be gone forevermore so make sure you grab it now! .: Somnia :. Agryluarian Dress Rainbow Ad

All you need to do is find the little cupcake in the store and here is your hint. “Come save Mc Dreamy before the candle under the table sends the whole place up in smoke.”

Only @ Somnia Main Store

Also Somnia is having a SALE!! Everything is 50% or MORE off*!!! Sale ends on July 24th so hurry down so you don’t miss out!! .: Somnia :. Sale

*excluding newest release & gift cards.

Only @ Somnia Main Store

All my love and thanks ❤


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Somnia lounges on the shore

Hai you adorable little sun drops,

It is GATCHA TIME!! The Summer by the Sea Gatcha Festival started today and there are so many awesome things to find!!

These mesh totes are totally cute and the purrfect thing to cart a few good books along with sunscreen and whatever else you might need for a relaxing day at the beach. I love doing gatchas because I get to go wild with the choices and colors and this time is no different there are 24 options 8 of them are rare & 16 are common and at only 20L a try totally affordable to try and get them all! Unlike most Somnia items they are no copy & modify so you can trade them!! You are welcome to join the Somnia VIP group (for free) and chat & trade in the group!!

.: Somnia :. Gatcha Coastal Totes Ad

Only @ The Summer by the Sea Gatcha Festival.

Also the mesh sets from Chic are now in the store so if you missed them you can still snag them!! Each set comes with 5 tops in different colors, with each color coming in 5 sizes as well and 5 pairs of leggings to match except the rainbows set comes with an extra pair of rainbow leggings.

.: Somnia :. Comfort in the Rain Ad .: Somnia :. Comfort in the Storm Ad .: Somnia :. Comforting Rainbows Ad

Only @ Somnia Main Store

All my love and thanks ❤