:jazzitude: 200+ Group Members + New Release

I’m excited to have 200+ Members in my update group, and also to have re-decorated the party area to go with the winter season… We now have an indoor ice skating rink!

To go with both of these things, I have a special, group members gift:

Also, there’s a new release. It’s like the November Group Gift (still available), but in red:

Don’t forget to check out the MIDweek MADness sales out in store now…3 items at more than 1/2 off!


MIDweek MADness Offerings @ jazzitude

One more sale for Halloween!

This weeks MIDweek MADness Offerings from Tuesday through Thursday…

1) Day of the Dead Tux for him. Sale Price $L100. Regular Price $L249

2) Kill Zombies Mesh Top for her. Sale Price $L45. Regular Price $L99

3) Lauren Shrug in Orange. Sale Price $L30. Regular Price $L69


Halloween Offerings

Lots of Halloween Offerings from jazzitude.

First up, 3 MIDweek MADness offerigns.

1) Arachne. Regular Price: 299L. MIDweek MADness Price: 125L

2) Josie and the Pussycats. Regular Price: 249L. Sale Price: 100L

3) Katya Tanks 2-Pack: Special Halloween Edition. Regular 69L. Sale Price: 25L

And a couple of new releases for the guys! These are not on the sales event this week, but they are new :)