Somnia shoots and scores!

Hai there you shiny little gems,

I am excited to be apart of Zodiac again this round for Sagittarius!! I had such a hard time thinking within the theme but finally inspiration smacked me in the face and I totally am loving both sets I did for this round!! They suit those who are a bit of a goody goody and those who are a little on the wild side or maybe whatever mood you might be feeling at that moment!!

.: Somnia :. Straight Arrow Top Ad .: Somnia :. Crooked Arrow Top Ad

Each set comes in 7 sizes in 8 different colors, they are marked down at 50% to only 125L per set for the duration.

It runs from Nov 23rd to Dec 17th and there are some other AMAZING brands included so make sure you run over and check it all out!!

Only @ Somnia @ Zodiac - Sagittarius!

All my love and thanks ❤


Somnia is on fire!

Hai you spectacularly wild dust bunnehs,

I have got some HOT new mesh skirts for The Zodiac Event and they are only 125L per set for the duration! 5 colors per set and 7 sizes per color. Remember to try the demos!!

.: Somnia :. Skirting Combustion {Tames} Ad

.: Somnia :. Skirting Combustion {Wilds} Ad

Only @ Zodiac

Also I wanted to remind you all that today is the LAST day of the SALE so don’t miss out!!! Everything is 50% or MORE off*!!! *excluding newest release & gift cards.

.: Somnia :. Sale

Only @ Somnia Main Store

Remember to pick up the exclusive rainbow version of the Argyluarian Dress for only 10L it goes away on July 31st.

.: Somnia :. Agryluarian Dress Rainbow Ad

All you need to do is find the little cupcake in the store and here is your hint. “Come save Mc Dreamy before the candle under the table sends the whole place up in smoke.”

Only @ Somnia Main Store

All my love and thanks ❤