Hai there you nibbely sugar plums,

I have got loads to tell you about so lets get started shall we?

♥ First up are just a few new releases in the store!! .: Somnia :. Wise Who Sweaters Ad .: Somnia :. Moopsie Dress Ad Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ Next is some new releases for the third round of The Thrift Shop! These are my New Releases for this event and they are on sale for only 95L as well as everything else I have out at the event!! .: Somnia :. Skeletia Ad .: Somnia :. Doohios Ad Make sure you stop by and check everything out!! I even have a free gift there for you all!

Only at Somnia at The Thrift Shop

♥ And some exciting news the inworld Somnia group has finally hit 300 members and than it hit 400 members! So to celebrate I have sent out a couple gifties to all group members!! I thought I would let all of you know as well so if you wanted to you could join the group and snag the gifts, hopefully you will stick around in the group as well but no pressure!! As always it is free to join!! To make it easier for you this is the URL that will bring up the group as well you will just need to copy and paste it into chat. I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for your support of Somnia! secondlife:///app/group/30cdfb68-d63c-b9be-1a12-77515225b2f5/about Untitled Untitled New Somnia Group Gift!

♥ One more reminder this set still has some available until Nov 30th!! .: Somnia :. Sensuous Glitz Metallics Ad Only at Somnia at Limited50

All my love and thanks

❤ Sanura

April @ jazzitude…

April Group Gift… Group is 50L to join:


Rainy Days Are Here Again hunt starts April 15th. Free gift is “Avril” in B&W Dotty. The hint for jazzitude is “I’m not hiding from the rain, I’m playing by the water”

SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StormWind/166/222/25

:jazzitude: March Group Gift

New group gift out in store now: “Kiss Me” in time for St. Patrick’s Day:

Group is L$50 to join.


Somnia wishes you a Happeh Holidays

Hai there you curly q ribbions,

♥ I’m thrilled to be invited to My Attic at The Deck the theme is countdown and for me and most of the world is New Year’s Eve which for me and my family has always meant staying up to watch Rockin’ New Years Eve with Dick Clark so that is where I went with it when I created this top!! Even better each set is only 95L each!!

.: Somnia :. Harmonic Fusion BlackAd .: Somnia :. Harmonic Fusion WhiteAd

Only @ Somnia @ My Attic

♥ I sent out a GIFTY in Somnia’s inworld and subscriber group I hope you join one to grab your gift and stick around to enjoy all Somnia has to offer! To join Somnia’s inworld group you can copy and paste this in chat and click secondlife:///app/group/30cdfb68-d63c-b9be-1a12-77515225b2f5/about it is always free to join! To join the subscriber group come to the main store and click one of the signs you will also need to click to see past notices and grab the gift!

.: Somnia :. Velvet Shimmer Group Gift Ad

♥ Don’t forget to get your free gifts from the KittyCatS advent calendar as well remember if you miss a day you can always go back and click Somnia is day 10!

.: Somnia :. Chritsmas Tables Ad

Only @ KittyCats Advent Calendar

♥ If you haven’t Somnia make sure you join My SecondBox samples are still in the notices so make sure you hop in and grab yours before it closes on the 28th For more information you can visit http://mysecondbox.com/ .: Somnia :. Knitted Mess Ad for My SecondBox

Somnia’s sample gift includes 2 Mesh tops in 5 sizes each, a mesh mini skirt in 7 sizes and 2 pairs of leggings on all layers. To join the group please just copy and paste this into chat and click! secondlife:///app/group/2b7a89ed-1a4e-ac6f-42f1-3c9471b7f44f/about remember it costs 300L but you will get 5 gifts from different stores!

♥ Don’t forget to come grab your hunt gifty for only 10L the hunt ends Dec 28th I am terrible at hiding things so it should be pretty easy to find but the hint is “Make sure you give Odd Ball a little scritch behind the ears for doing such a wonderful job “guarding” over the hunt prize!” .: Somnia :. Velvet Shimmer

Only @ Somnia Main Store

All my love and thanks ❤


New @ jazzitude

New Group Gift for December and 3 More Designs for the Leg Warmer Ice Skates: Black & White Nordic Knit, Bright Argyle and Neutral Argyle. That makes 6 designs in total for now… 3 more in the works.

Group Gift:

Three New Ice Skate Designs:

Looking for a place to use them? There’s an ice rink where the dance floor used to be!


:jazzitude: I won’t be labeled — New Group Gift

It’s November, and that means new group gift in store for jazzitude group members! My group gifts are usually brand new, never released items that you will see more of soon in other color options. You get to be my test subjects… umm, I mean, you get an exclusive look at what is coming soon ;)

This month is an outfit I’m calling “Carmen” and the first release for the group gift is in Black. It is a lingerie set with 4 different Chemises. Included is a matching thong, lace mask tattoo with feather prim attachments (one for each ear — wear one, both or none), stockings and feather stiletto’s (and of course all the feathers for the chest, upper and lower arms and feather flexi skirt).


Love Actually at PurpleMoon
Love Actually is the name of our new group gift. This gown comes with matching headpiece and jewelry. Have a wonderful Valentine’s day!  Available at PurpleMoon Main StorePurpleMoon Oficial Blog PurpleMoon Oficial Facebook Page

Love Actually at PurpleMoon

Love Actually is the name of our new group gift. This gown comes with matching headpiece and jewelry. Have a wonderful Valentine’s day!

Available at PurpleMoon Main Store
PurpleMoon Oficial Blog
PurpleMoon Oficial Facebook Page