Hai there you special little rainbows,

♥ I’ve got loads of stuff to share with you guys this week so lets get to it huh? I am excited to be apart of The 100 Block event by Depraved Nation. It is a sim full of amazing creators all with at least one brand new release at 50% off! I had a lot of fun getting these sets together and I have to admit I am totally in love with the Moustache tops! I hope you enjoy them as well.

.: Somnia :. Moustache Top Ad .: Somnia :. Silken Thatch Pants Ad .: Somnia :. Velveteen Dress Ad

Each set is only 95L for the duration of 100 Block! For more info about The 100 Block click here.

Only at Somnia @ The 100 Block Event

♥ Also Lazy Sunday is celebrating their THIRD birthday this week so everyone has joined in to celebrate! I had trouble picking colors for this set so I ended up doing a dark and light set!

.: Somnia :. Flirty Tessa Darks Ad .: Somnia :. Flirty Tessa Lights Ad

Only 75L for each set until Monday morning!!

Only at Somnia Main Store

❤ Also as a side note I am currently looking to hire an assistant to help me with Somnia and keeping me organized.  For more information and to apply please click here.

All my love and thanks ❤



Lots and lots to show you guys today, so check it out!

First up we have this gorgeous set of glittery silver toenail appliers and lipstick by Sileny for our VIPs!

Next up is a project I’ve been working on for some time now, and I’m quite proud of it.

My friend and I have collaborated together on this- a limited edition headphones & song pack, headphones by yours truly, and the song is his. When you buy one of these, you get a unique song code to download the song – which will not be sold separately!


This next set is in a gacha- play and try your luck! Each of them comes with a code for 50% off of anything in The Deadly Kind’s store.


And lastly, Sileny and I have made some SLink Avatar Enhancement compatible nail appliers!



Date: May 15 To May 31, 2013
Theme: Casual, Fashion, Old & Mixed.

Web page:http://thebohoculturefair.wix.com/thegaragefashionfair
Sponsor Blogger:
Hunt SL, Seraphim, FashionCentric , Huntingsl.com, DesigningSL &  AnxituFreeBies

Sponsor Store: Modish, Envyme, Latreia, Sassy!, Legal Insanity, MM5 Rock!Design™, *Anymore, *** Just You Jewels ***, Mirror’s Enigma, FireBird Designs, K-CODE. 


Somnia gets winded

Hai there you fluffeh munchkins, ♥ I have been dealing with a bit of RL stuff so I wanted to create something fun and happeh and I think this set totally conveys that feeling. .: Somnia :. Kawaii Comfort Ad The set comes with 8 mesh tops in 4 sizes each as well as alpha layer and textures. And is only 200L for the whole set!! Only at Somnia Main Store. ♥ A wonderful friend Airedine is celebrating her 5th year of having her store, Adore & Abhor open! So she wanted to celebrate with some friends! So several of us have gathered with her to celebrate! I have put together two outfit set for only 55L each set!! .: Somnia :. Adore & Abhor Pink Ad .: Somnia :. Adore & Abhor Teal Ad Each set comes with a mesh sweater in 5 sizes and two pairs of leggings, alpha and textures. They can totally be mixed and matched!! Only at Adore & Abhor. ♥ Zodiac is Aries this round, I had such a HARD time thinking of something to suit but it finally just came together when in my research I saw Aries symbolizes spring time. I’ve got to admit I am totally in love with these jeans!! They are only 95L for the duration of Zodiac. .: Somnia :. Pansie Jeans Ad The set comes The jeans in 6 different washes in 5 sizes each with alpha and textures. Only at Zodiac Aries ♥ Free*Style has opened a new store with items from free to 50L and I made these cute dresses that are exclusive to the Free*Style store and only 50L for the entire set. .: Somnia :. Tonal Point Dresses Ad Exclusive to Free*Style Shop Only at Free*Style Shop. ♥ Depraved Nation has a awesome hunt going on right now called Pink Fusion and it is all for the ladies! I have put together thise super cute outfit and the best part is it is only 5L .: Somnia :. Dotty for Pink Ad Pink Fusion Hunt Hint: Don’t let Mc Dreamy scare you he thinks he is a guard kitteh but really all he is after is a little can. For more infomation about the hunt as well as photos of all the great items click here! Only at Somnia Main Store. ♥ And the final news I need to make room for new releases so I am holding a mini retirement sale, where everything is only 10L. I have also put out the wash exclusive items because I totally forgot to send out a notice about them and would hate for you guys to miss out on them!! The sale will run until May 1st. Everything is on the second floor by the windows. .: Somnia :. Retirement Sale Ad Only at Somnia Main Store Second Floor. All my love and thanks ❤ Sanura


Today marks the 5th anniversary of Adore&Abhor’s opening. I’m sharing this momentous occasion with a few of my friends who’ve made some awesome and adorable items in honour of this landmark! It’s mid-day and I still can’t shake this feeling. I feel overwhelmed in the best of ways. 5 years! Looking back, I can honestly say that I am proud of everything that I’ve made, no matter how terrible it was, because it was my own.

For all of the other designers’ items, please check out: http://www.flickr.com/groups/adoreandabhor/

For this event, I’ve made some adorable heart-shaped, mesh purses.

I also went a little crazy with the other colours… I couldn’t help myself! Each set comes with both colour options

This event runs from March 16th to April 16th, and you will NOT want to miss any of the goodies. I’ve taken a couple of pictures to show just a few of the amazing items available now in-store from my guest designers.

Look 1:

From Adore&Abhor’s 5 year anniversary:
Hair: Ploom
Shirt: Boom
Bow: Noodles
Choker: Pididdle
Bear: Katat0nik

Skin: Pink Fuel (Alyx, at Skin Fair now!)
Eyes: Ibanez

Look 2:

From Adore&Abhor’s 5 year anniversary:

Hair: Alice Project
Bow: Noodles
Dress: Auxiliary
Cactus: Olive
Eyes: Adore&Abhor
Necklace: Adore&Abhor
Skin: Pink Fuel (At the Skin Fair now!)

Check it out!



Somnia shoots and scores!

Hai there you shiny little gems,

I am excited to be apart of Zodiac again this round for Sagittarius!! I had such a hard time thinking within the theme but finally inspiration smacked me in the face and I totally am loving both sets I did for this round!! They suit those who are a bit of a goody goody and those who are a little on the wild side or maybe whatever mood you might be feeling at that moment!!

.: Somnia :. Straight Arrow Top Ad .: Somnia :. Crooked Arrow Top Ad

Each set comes in 7 sizes in 8 different colors, they are marked down at 50% to only 125L per set for the duration.

It runs from Nov 23rd to Dec 17th and there are some other AMAZING brands included so make sure you run over and check it all out!!

Only @ Somnia @ Zodiac - Sagittarius!

All my love and thanks ❤


Viviane Fashion Spring Hunt

From today till Sunday you can find all over the Viviane Fashion area 10 flowers (1 L$ each) filled with (female) Designer fashion and one from our plant partner “Semiramis”. Come and grab your gifts!

Viviane Fashion Mainstore Area  

Here you can see one of the gifts…

Somnia goes mum

Hai you wonderful, shiney pennies,

❤ I was invited to a really fun new event called Mums the Word. It is a event room filled with items from nearly 20 awesome designers & everything is at a discounted price!! My special item are these super comfortable tanks and you get all 8 colors for only 150L

.: Somnia :.Lazy Beater Tanks Ad

Only at Mum’s the Word.

❤ Etheria is done for the year but you can still grab the items at the store you will find them on the back wall

Miao Heather Jewelry Set

They are 100L for just the Earrings & 200L for just the Necklace! .: Somnia :. Christine Etheria Dress Ad

You can buy just the Dresses for only 275L Miao Somnia Christine & Heather Set Ad

Or you can buy BOTH the Jewelry & Dresses for the discounted price of ONLY 400L

Only at Somnia Main Store.

❤ An last but not least are these super cute Gazebos I needed something for my garden area and I ended up making these I loved them so much I thought I would share You can get each color for only 75L or grab all 4 colors for 225L that is like getting one free!

.: Somnia :. Porch Gazebo Blue Ad .: Somnia :. Porch Gazebo Purple Ad .: Somnia :. Porch Gazebo Pink Ad .: Somnia :. Porch Gazebo Green Ad .: Somnia :. Porch Gazebo All Color Pack

Only at Somnia Main Store & Somnia Marketplace.

❤ I hope you all have a lovely day and remember to treat each other with kindness for you never know what demons they are battling.

All my love and thanks

<3 Sanura