{{ Stylish Queen}} high heels fr {{BSD Design Studio}} for SL Fashion Week cycle 6 ( all under 250L ) except fatpack just for ONE WEEK


photographer and designer
Babychampagne sass

Hi there, 
THere are 6 new items at sl fashion week this week,
-1 stylish queen shoes
-2,J’adore jewellery set
-3.Fashion blogger bags .
This ‘j’adore necklace comes with 3 types of necklace, copper, bronze, black copper, gold. with matching 2 kinds of rings, owl + j’adore ring.

other items please keep seeing the rest Flickr page and blog :

The 3 Colours Fatpack will be GONE after the event < best bargain for 3 shoes>

 this mesh high heels designed for the stylish queens in SL. Special edition of 3 colours fatpack for SL fashion week just for ONE week discounted 70 % off, all items are under 250L except fatpack <33

happy weekend . 
sl fashion week starst 1 pm slt today ! 
landmark here : 

Details blogged : 


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landmark of main shop {{BSD Design Studio}} at kuma:


Market place shop {{BSD Design Studio}}


outlet store  at New asia  {{BSD Design Studio}}:



Another Discount SHOPS/ events at SOho Sample sales ( under 269L)


Discount shop / event at Lyfe of Style ( all 75L)



Exquisite Model shoes designed for models at L”accessoires;



Happy weekend: <3