New Releases @ jazzitude and at “Our Favorite Things”

New Mesh Dresses just released at the jazzitude flagship store. Vera is mermaid dress in 3 colors. This is the same dress for the Glitz, Glamor and Sparkle Hunt, but in 3 other colors. The pink featured in the hunt is only available for the hunt until Feb 5th.

Vera is a full-rigged mesh dress. The diamonds used on the accessories are non-rigged mesh. The accessories and shoes are not mesh at all. You also get a notecard with several different alphas to find your perfect fit.


New Release at “Our Favorite Things” event…

This is an awesome event where we put out our favorite designs and nothing is over 50L. As part of my offerings, I have a new release in a color that hasn’t been sold before (it was in a hunt back in the summer) and is only available at the event. One of my favorite designs for one of my favorite people in her favorite color, red.

SLurl to event: