Somnia comes clean

Hai you special little jelly beans,

It is time for the cart sale at the wash again and I am so excited to be apart of it. The sale runs from Aug 15th - Sept 5th and as always EVERYTHING is only 10L. I didn’t have time with RL and stuff to do anything new so I put out 8 items you can normally get in the store although NEVER this cheap!

.: Somnia :. Criss Cross Waders Ad .: Somnia :. Cranioiselle Ad .: Somnia :. Militant Slut Jackets Ad .: Somnia :. Button Flap Jeans Ad .: Somnia :. Porch Gazebo Purple Ad .: Somnia :. Lacey Tanks Ad .: Somnia :. Sexy Sweater Vests Ad .: Somnia :. Argyle Dippin Tops Ad

Only @ Somnia at the Cart Sale

The fire skirts from Zodaic are now in the store at their normal price of 200L per set.

.: Somnia :. Skirting Combustion {Tames} Ad .: Somnia :. Skirting Combustion {Wilds} Ad

Only @ Somnia Main Store

All my love and thanks ❤


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